A to Z Theme Reveal

I’m relatively new to the blogging world, but so far I’ve enjoyed my brief time here. Between working a full time job and helping my infinitely better half raise our two delightful leaches writing 6 posts per week will be a challenge for me, but I’ll give it a go.

Without much fanfare, if any, I give you my A to Z theme.

Peoples, places and things that have shaped my life.

Sweet Isolation

Where do I start? I was born in a small rural community just south of Charlotte, NC where I still live today. I attended college in the “big city” and moved back home a couple years after graduation and a few months later I met the love of my life (E). After LM was born we moved back “home” to where my parents, brothers, most of my cousins and even my in-laws live. Despite this abundance of familial connections Me and my immensely better half still feel for the most part isolated. Part, if not most of this isolation is the lack of kindred spirits around us. We do have two couples that we do things with occasionally and I love them dearly, but for the most part it is just me (Batman), E, LM and BG alone together.

Don’t get me wrong this caped crusader loves his life and wouldn’t have it any other way, but this feeling of isolation is a major part of my life. I work from home 95% of my work days. When I go in to the office I sit in a cube isolated from my peers staring at my beautiful little girl on my wallpaper desperately trying to reconnect the broken linkage to her and her mom who in my mind are nervously waiting on me and LM to get back home.

This isolation doesn’t define me, but it is a huge part of what I am. A husband and a father……..and more importantly BG’s Dark Knight.