Musical Brilliance or Diva Defiance

BG is without question the most active, some might say wild, 21 month old I’ve ever known. Trying to corral her is about as easy as getting Donald Trump to play nice.

She gets into everything! If she can see it she wants it. Whether it be books, toys, stacks of folded clothes, or food left on the table. Even though she knows both are off limits two of her favorite things to “pay” with are my guitar and our printer.

If you’re thinking it’d be hard for a baby to play with those two simultaneously then you obviously don’t know our girl!

Tonight she decided to tear the front panel door off and use it to play my guitar.

Was she exploring her musical side or being as defiant as a not even 2 year old girl can be?

Do you want a single or a double?

The look on my immensely better half’s face as the bartender asked this question rivaled LMs reaction on Christmas morning.

After a brief pause, I assume to catch her breath, she said a double.

Ten minutes and two doubles later she leans over and says to me,

“I have a distinct feeling that I’d be good at the steel drums.”

This moment is just one of the many bright moments from our weekend getaway to the NC mountains.

We spent a beautiful Saturday morning walking around Brevard. Enjoying home made chocolates, delicious beer from the local brewery, browsing in the shops and finally having a late lunch at a pizza parlor.

After lunch we road through the Pisgah National Forest, which is a beautiful ride (Looking Glass Falls below) over to Waynesville to hop on the Smokey Mountain Expressway and down to Bryson City.


After some much needed rest we drove over 19, through Cherokee (Tuckaseegee River below) and Maggie Valley to Waynesville for dinner.


After a delicious meal it was back to Bryson City where we listened to live music and I watched E down 6 drinks (3 doubles) in about 10 minutes.

Even though I missed BG and LM it was a great time with E, the love of my life.