7 Year Old Logic

What is the next holiday? Asked LM from the backseat of the car tonight. I let him know that the next holiday was Memorial Day and he asked a few more questions about how we celebrate it. I told him what it was and how most people spend it.

He then asked what was after than and I told him the 4th of July or Independence Day some people call it. He asked how you celebrated that and I told him we usually have a cookout and shoot fireworks.

Oh yeah, That is right you go eat outside with strangers and watch fireworks, he explained.

E and I were stunned for a minute and had a good laugh at the idea of us eating with a bunch of strangers outside. A few minutes went by and he described a cookout we went to 2 years ago at some family land belonging to E’s extended family. I, much less him, had never met a few of these people so in his mind they certainly were strangers.

Our life is filled with these beautiful moments and we are very blessed to call such a kind, brilliant boy son.