U is For Unforgiven

I’ve always been a musical person. I grew up in a musical family. My father and his brothers and sisters were in a Gospel band when I was in middle school/high school. My grandfather would play his guitar on his front porch and I’d sing along. At an early age my brothers and I would sing in front of the church.

At 18 I picked up the guitar and started teaching myself to play. Over the last 20 years I’ve became a decent rhythm guitarist. The first song I learned to play?

Metallica’s Unforgiven.

D is for Dwight Yoakham

Let me start out by saying that I think country music is the greatest genre in music history. However, the gap between what’s good and what Nasheville wants you to hear is, IMHO, wider than any other musical genre. Artists like Chris Knight, Jason Isbel, Jill Andrews, The Secret Sisters, Townes Van Earle and so many more extremely talented people get overlooked and we’re left with generic, polished, bland crap.

This of course isn’t new to country music, but for a brief time Dwight stood above the crowd. He was playing real life, heartbreaking grown ass people music. And the world ate it up. He set the music world on fire in 86 with Guitars and Cadillacs. He showed the world that country can be cool, country can kick ass and most importantly country doesn’t have to be perfect and polished. Now, 30 years later he’s still making records, but Nashville doesn’t care anymore. It’s their loss, but I’m still listening.

I’ll leave you with this touching moment from Buck’s funeral. Enjoy and grab some tissues.

Dwight’s Tribute

Musical Brilliance or Diva Defiance

BG is without question the most active, some might say wild, 21 month old I’ve ever known. Trying to corral her is about as easy as getting Donald Trump to play nice.

She gets into everything! If she can see it she wants it. Whether it be books, toys, stacks of folded clothes, or food left on the table. Even though she knows both are off limits two of her favorite things to “pay” with are my guitar and our printer.

If you’re thinking it’d be hard for a baby to play with those two simultaneously then you obviously don’t know our girl!

Tonight she decided to tear the front panel door off and use it to play my guitar.

Was she exploring her musical side or being as defiant as a not even 2 year old girl can be?