One and Done

I love basketball. Despite being vertically challenged I was a very good player in my younger days.

It made my heart swell with pride when at the age of 6 LM informed me that it was his favorite sport. He has since discovered soccer and, for now, basketball is a distant memory.

During my late teens through my late 20s I loved college basketball. I would watch 5 or more games a week on TV throughout the season and would watch the opening weekend of March Madness games for hours at a time. Fast forward a “few” years and I find my self caring less and less about the sport with each passing year. A big reason for my growing disinterest is the recent trend of the “one and done” star players playing one season and moving on to the NBA.

This is of course due to the recent rule change by the NBA requiring players be one year removed from high school before being able to declare for the NBA draft.

I wish basketball could adopt baseball’s model that allows players to go pro right out of school or go to college, but if they choose college they have to stay 3 years.

Over the past few years I’ve heard several media analysts and other so called experts clamor for this model. The are many reasons why this wouldn’t work for basketball, but the biggest reason that no one mentions is the fact that baseball has an enormous farm system designed to allow young players to develop their talents on their way up to the big club, while the NBA has the 18 team D-League.

The NFL in my mind has the right model. They don’t allow players to go pro until after they have been out of high school for 3 years and essentially have a free farm system in college football.

What are your thoughts?