My Valentine

A couple of days ago my infinitely better half E was answering LM’s questions about  Valentines Day. She shared with him how it was one day that you could show someone just how much they mean to you and how much you love  them.

His response was wise well beyond his 8 years.

“One day? That’s stupid, aren’t you supposed to show people that they’re special and that you love them every day?”

I couldn’t have been more proud of him in that moment.

Flash forward to today, allow me to set the scene:

Me, BG and LM have stopped at Dollar General to pick up some baby wipes and laundry detergent on our way back home from breakfast. As we’re waiting in the checkout line LM asks for some TicTacs and I tell him no. He’s is not pleased with my decision.  Fifteen minutes and a tantrum that not even the terriblest of two year old tantrums could match the 3 of us get back home.

I couldn’t have been less proud of him in that moment.

Parenting is an incredible journey and it’s rarely easy. My children push my patience to the brink and beyond most every day.

As I’m typing this I’m reflecting on the interaction LM and BG had on the home from breakfast. Remembering the look of love and adoration I saw on their faces as he made his silly faces and she cackled uncontrollably brings a sense of joy and understanding that nothing is permanent and as Samwise said:

Even the darkness must pass.