J Is For Johnny Cash

There are very few artists that are more influential or more iconic than Johnny Cash. His tremendous career spanned 6 decades until his death in 2003. The official cause of death was complications tied to diabetes. People that knew him know the true cause though. He died from a broken heart after the unexpected loss of his beloved June.

I won’t rehash his troubled life, but his story is a great tale of redemption and a testament of the power of  God and a great woman. Like him, I’m proof of what the love and support of a strong woman can do. When I think about what my life would be like had I not met E it scares me. She saved me in so many ways. I survived, thanks to her.

I’ll leave you with a line from my favorite Cash song. 

“Then you reached down and touched me and lifted me up with you so I believe that it was the road I was meant to ride.”


The summer of 2003 was a tough time for me. After college graduation in 2000 I took a job with an Internet based start up and they had failed miserably. I was let go in January of 2013. Despite applying for any and every job I was qualified, over qualified or under qualified for I was still unemployed in August. So at 25 years old I moved back home to deliver pizzas like I’d done most every summer during college. I was devastated and had almost given up hope.

Shortly after moving in with my parents I had started hanging out in the Yahoo Chat rooms and one evening I met a kindred spirit that I’d later learn went to the same high school as I did and actually lived less than five miles from me. We hit it off immediately and began talking on yahoo messenger shortly after. We’d spend hours talking to each other at night. This girl was amazing, we had so much in common and I wanted to pursue her, but she was just 19 and a sophomore in college. She was too young for me and I wa certain that she had no interest in some 25 year old loser who lived with his mama. After several months of talking on messenger I’d finally convinced myself that age was just a number and I was determined to ask her out. The problem then was that I had no idea how to do that and didn’t want to lose what we already had. As fate would have it in January 2004 I’d get my opening. A huge winter storm had hit South Carolina and had shut down the roads. She was snowed in and Dominos was closed due to the weather so I had the day off. She told me she was hungry and didn’t have a way to get out. So I offered to bring her something to eat, but she declined. Luckily for me I didn’t give up and 2 months later she was talking about her family going to see The Passion of The Christ, but she was working and couldn’t go or maybe didn’t want to go with them. Either way I took a chance and asked her to go with me and she accepted this time. So on March 8, 2004 I finally met E, the love of my life and we watched The Passion for our first date. I’d like to say I loved her at first sight, but the truth is that I probably loved her long before that. As Joe Fox said, “and if she’s turns out to be as good looking as a mailbox I’d be crazy not to turn my life upside for her.” Over the next several months we’d spend as much time together as possible. She lit a fire in me and I started looking for jobs again and thanks to her my career was back on track.

I could write for hours about how special and important she is, but I’ll save some for another day. She’s given me everything. Love, support, guidance, two beautiful children and more than I could ever have imagined. She is now and will always be the OBG, my love, my E.

Two Teaspoons

10 millimeters. Roughly 4 % of a cup. In the grand scheme of things that is merely a drop.

But don’t tell that to person struggling to take their medicine tonight. Despite sounding like they’re about to hack up a lung it takes them not 1, not 2, but 3 sips to finish off the cauldron of Tussin.

You’d have thought it was corn liquor with the faces made after each gulp.

I know you might be thinking poor LM, but think again the patient tonight is my infinitely better half, E.